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26 February 2010 @ 06:18 pm
Abandoned Hopes chapter fifteen.  

Forgive Me

I wrap a blue towel around my waist and wipe some of the condensation off the mirror. Leaning in and spotting various imperfections, I sigh and run a hand through my hair. Just as I manage to slide on a pair of jeans and button them, a knock comes at the door. “One second, I’m almost done!” I yell back rolling my eyes and tossing the towel in the hamper.

“It’s important.” Comes Bryan’s grave reply.

I furrow my brow as I pull my shirt on. I open the door and Bryan glares back at me, “What’s the matter?” I ask eyeing him curiously.

He inhales deeply and clenches his jaw, “Your fucking friend stole my money.”

I blink incredulously and think for a moment; surely he can’t be talking about Max. “Are you sure?” I inquire stepping out of the bathroom and descending the carpeted stars, Bryan following closely behind.

“Positive, when I woke up he was gone along with my $280.00!” He yells as we reach the bottom of the stairs and head in to the kitchen.
“It was right fucking here!” He exclaims pounding on the counter top.
I bite down on my lip in contemplation, feeling anger course through me. How fucking dare he? I brought him to my Bryan’s house and everything, I fucking trusted him.

“What the fuck am I gonna do now Ronnie? I needed that money!”

I pace the kitchen, thinking about what to do. “Let’s go find him.” I decide glancing up at Bryan for approval.

He nods and grabs his coat, “Let’s fucking go!” He insists and we quickly make our way out the door.


We spent the next two hours searching every liquor store, bar, tunnel, park, and ally. But to no avail. We stopped at a park and sat on a bench, trying to figure out where Max could possibly be.

“Well where’d you meet him?” Bryan asks glancing at me, his usually soft eyes filled with anger.

“That tunnel by Wal-Mart. But we already went there.” I reply still in deep thought. Then it comes to me, Robert’s!

My eyes go wide with realization and I grab Bryan, sprinting through the park as fast as my feet will carry me.

“Where are we going?” Bryan yells trying to keep up with me.

“I know where he is!” I shout back with confidence.

We race down the street, back through the tunnel, and turn a corner before we stop in front of Rob’s apartment. “C’mon,” I lead Bryan to the elevator and press the fourth floor button hastily.

“You’re sure he’s here?” He asks turning to me, apprehension evident in his eyes.

“Yeah don’t worry.” I reassure him as the elevator doors open and I shuffle out and down the hall, stopping in front of Robert’s door.

I inhale deeply and knock on the door. I listen fixedly, hearing some shuffling around and some mumbling. Then the door opens and Rob’s beaming face appears, “Oh hi Ronnie, it’s nice to--,” he’s interrupted by Max running over to us and attempting to slam the door shut, “No you’re not allowed to be here!” He screams panicking.

I grind my teeth furiously and grab Max by the neck, forcing my way in to the apartment. My fist comes crashing down on his jaw and he falls back on the couch with a yelp.

“Whoa, what’s going on here?” Robert interjects, trying to pry me off of Max.

“He stole my fucking money!” Bryan explains gesturing to Max, who is currently pinned down on the couch beneath me.

“How dare you? I fucking trusted you!” I scream at Max, feeling anger now consume me entirely.

I look in to his blue-green eyes, noting that they’re clouded with worry. “I…I needed it.” He mutters looking away and swallowing hard.

Bullfuckingshit!” I protest and my fist connects with the side of his face one again. He squirms beneath me, writhing in pain.
“Please stop!” He shrieks, muffled by the hand over his jaw.

Finally Bryan and Robert succeed in pulling me off of Max and I stand in the corner of the room, scowling at him the entire time. “Max is this true?” Rob asks turning to Max seriously.

He looks away, averting Robert’s gaze. “I needed it man, I really did.” He reasons meekly.

“What did you need it for?” He inquires sitting down beside Max on the couch.

Max sighs and runs a hand through his unruly hair, “It’s none of your business.” He replies wiping the blood from his mouth.

“You’re wrong Max, it is my business because you stole his money,” he starts gesturing to Bryan, “and came to my house with it. You involved me in this shit. What did I ever do to you except for care and try to help?” He asks laying the guilt trip on thick.

Max sinks in his seat and tears begin welling up in his desolate eyes. “I want you to take Craig and leave.”

“But Rob, no! Please don’t do this!” He pleads his eyes wide with shock.

“I’m sorry Max, but Evie’s about to have a baby and I can’t have this kind of stuff going on.”

Tears are streaming down Max’s flushed cheeks now; mingling with the blood leaking from his pursed lips. And even though I’m beyond pissed at him, I want nothing more in this moment than to tell him it’s ok and comfort him. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Robert stands from the couch and pats Max’s shoulder affectionately, “I’m really sorry man.” He nearly whispers as he wanders away.

Max sniffles and glances up at me, but quickly looks away. He sighs and makes his way over to Bryan, “Here Bry, I’m really sorry.” He mutters handing Bryan the money miserably. Bryan takes the money without a word and then walks out of the apartment, letting the door slam behind him.

I follow him out, choosing not to show Max any sympathy. But my tough façade doesn’t hold up for long. Max grabs my arm gingerly and steps in front of me, “I didn’t think before doing this. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He whispers still avoiding eye contact. I scoff and roll my brown eyes, does he really think I’m just gonna give in?

“Please forgive me Ronnie,” he begs flashing his beautiful bloodshot eyes at me. Who could say no to those beautiful eyes?

Written by meee. =]
Place: my rooom.
Feeling: crazycrazy
Noise: Always Strapped - Birdman & Lil Wayne
worldwarivworldwariv on May 22nd, 2010 05:20 am (UTC)
I just sat and read every chapter of this from start to finish in less than an hour and a half. I love your story! And, I've noticed all of the different writers you have. If you need any help, I volunteer!